Hii Friends I Tell U How To Reset Factory Setting of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Here Two Method to  how to restore back or hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to it's original factory default settings.  as follow.

Method-1 =he most often method when the device hangs or just it frozen, is to remove the battery out after a couple of seconds and then putting it back again. To reset your device just dial this code *2767*3855#, this will reset your phone automatically once rebooted.  but some time this method does not work then try this Step.

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METHOD-2 = follow the step as given below

Step-1. Turn off Your Mobile Phone
Step-2. Don't power it ON yet, just press and hold these key as in next Step
Step-3. Press Volume Up, Center button and Power button Simultaneously. as shown in figure
Step-4. A menu will then appear that let choose with an option. Just use the volume button to toggle and select the wipe data/factory reset.

Step-5. Your Samsung galaxy Y S5360 Is Reset.You Can enjoy with your mobile.

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  1. ola aqui é Paulo Bayard fui atualizar root ao inves de pegar o update.zip peguei outro .zip dezastradamente e o aparelho só fica na tela do logo do celular (sansung galaxy Y)
    e agora nao travou só fica no logo do celular o que posso faser???? obrigado ....

  2. Really helpful,thank you so much! it worked for me! ;-)

  3. after hard reset, my phone it's still rebooting permanently...
    what can I do?

  4. my galaxy y is hard bricked too (i think) cuz its stuck on the logo and it wont go to CMW or recovery mode only odin mode but it wont respond to USB

    Read more: My galaxy y is hard bricked... how can i fix it? - Its not working. no buttons are working and the light of charging is also not coming. please help me. :: Ask Me Fast at http://www.askmefast.com/My_galaxy_y_is_hard_bricked_how_can_i_fix_it-qna2498191.html

  5. thank you, it was really helpful ..

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  8. wawawawa.......very helpful....thanks a lot man

  9. My home and google play store always crashes. Does formatting it will help? :(

  10. bro,,include this time i already fix three friend fon..each fon are different,,thanks to u,,your instruction really helpfull,,you rock bro..
    amit the best,,thanks bro

  11. should i remove my sim card and memory card before hard resetting my galaxy y ?? what is the benefit of doing it?

  12. My son tried dotted pattern more then 5 times now it is jam and asking for gmail user name and password , after entering username and password it is not accepting . pls advise.

  13. Really it was tooo helpfull to me thanks aloooooooot.........

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  15. ur the Man!! it really works!! Great Job Man... thank you and GOD Bless for sharing what you've learned!!!!

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